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Parc Technologique du canal

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Phone : +33 (0) 5 62 88 37 92
Fax : +33 (0) 5 62 88 37 93

Support : +33 (0)9 75 18 44 55

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20, rue Hermès | Ramonville Saint-Agne | 31520 | contact@arsdata.fr

Tél : +33 (0) 5 62 88 37 92 | Fax : 05 62 88 37 93

Our history


Our company was created in April 1987, by Andis Draznieks, with the aim to offer solutions in database management. He created Duo, enabling pedagogical, administrative and account management for organisations such as music schools, art schools, etc.

Our team


Ars Data has a dynamic and efficient team. We are customer-driven in personalized projects. We offer solutions adapted to all your needs.

About us

From Duo to DuoNET

                                  2008 DuoNET (full web)

                   1997 Duo (for Windows)

1993 Creation of Duo (for DOS)

Andis (Founder and CEO)

From the very beginning I wanted Duo and DuoNET to remain simple, innovative and high-achieving. My team always keeps that in mind and brings those specificities to our customers.

Viviane (Deputy to the Direction)

I support the team, while taking care of accounting and administrative management of the company.

Frédéric (DUONET Product Manager)

Support, training and reflection, all in a good mood.

Johanne (Support and training)

Entirely at your service, on the phone and through emails, I'll bring technical solutions to each of your questions. I'm also conduct on-site training for your administrating team. My priority will be to insure you an easy use of your everyday work tool.

Arnaud (Development)

I met in Ars Data a group of highly motivated personalities, where the contribution of each can be seen in the common construction that is DuoNET.

Vincent (Development)

What I like most in the Ars Data staff in that I am part of a competent and cheerful team, where every day feels nice and right.

Emmanuelle, Support and Sales

Technical assistance and sales development, I’m glad to be able to help you every day to take full advantage of our product.

Fred, Techical Manager

What we say is done and what we do is said and we do it well.

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